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Envision a world where everyone can have access to sustainable business opportunities - no matter where they live or who they are.

This is our commitment.

Our impact

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People should have the strongest voice in what’s happening in their own lives, and we want to put the power in your own hands to make yours and others’ lives better.

A large portion of our members are using their time, knowledge and funds to help those around them.

Here you see some of the regions and countries our impactors are in across the world.

Our Sustainability Strategy

We Grow With You

We believe that, in the future, the positive contributions companies make to their communities will be a driving force behind entire economies.

With you, we want to be a part of this positive shift in priorities - right from the start.

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Our focus

Our Big Three

We have lofty goals:UN Goals
Sustainable Development Goals
The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) aim to eliminate extreme poverty and set the world on a sustainable path.

Almost all governments have already agreed to these goals. Now it's time for also businesses to also take action.

We chose to primarily focus on these four goals.

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A Glance at our Work

View some of our previous events and interviews about contributing to a better world.

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